Smart Wool Socks


Ultra comfortable. Ultra durable. Smart wool socks are made with super-soft, breathable, and temperature regulating Merino wool. A flat toe seam provides in-shoe comfort, while an elasticized arch brace offers a secure fit.


Socks vary from $15.98 to $29.98


We believe that Merino wool is the perfect natural fiber to make socks and apparel for any adventure. Wool hiking socks may be the most important piece of equipment you bring on your adventure. All of our products are made with Merino wool—which naturally resists odor and moves moisture away from your feet. This helps you forget about what you’re wearing and focus on the trail ahead.

You can wear Merino wool for days without needing to wash it.

Odor-causing bacteria is absorbed by Merino wool fibers—keeping them from reproducing or growing on the surface of Merino fibers. This helps your socks, shirts, and bottoms stink less. Less stink means you don’t have to throw your clothing in the wash as often.

Besides more miles on the trails and more turns on the slopes, you’re also reducing your environmental impact by washing less. Laundry requires a substantial amount of water and energy. Each load may use up to 40 gallons of water and up to 3,000 watts of energy in the dryer.